Christian Mackie


Across 5 years of travel throughout the UK and the EU, a familiar scene of people finding their way around began to catch my attention as a meaningful part of a single day's journey. We can be so hesitant to ask for help, especially if it reveals us to be vulnerable in any way. To admit that one is lost is a doubling-down on admitting our helplessness.

In these 33 images, we see couples finding their way through the world together, individuals identifying their place in the world, and strangers being asked for their directional advice. 

All of it shines a light on our blind spots and helps us to understand the path forward, however winding it might be.


A5 [210mm x 148mm]
36 Pages
Paper: 170 GSM - Uncoated
Cover: 350 GSM - Recycled Silk
Digital Printed

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