Christian Mackie


This project is an attempt to understand what I have seen since moving as an expat to the United Kingdom. I have seen vignettes of detestable greyness, and then vibrant beauty - often within the same hour. How can one place be so different, all the time?

The 40 images featured within are circumstantial juxtapositions, with each new page providing a kindred narrative to the other. A couple walks their dog up an incline overlooking the sea, while people busily walk down a sun-patched incline in the city. Friends ride fake horses in a field next to a parking lot, while a girl swims her real one at the beach.

We all must find what we like.


A5 [210mm x 148mm]
44 Pages
Paper: 170 GSM - Uncoated
Cover: 350 GSM - Recycled Silk
Digital Printed

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