High Quality Photo Prints

Unlike Giclée prints, which are essentially high quality inkjet prints, C-types are produced by a chemical process on light sensitive archival photographic papers. So in this sense, a C-type is what you might call a true photographic print, producing a rich traditional feel in the final print.

Framing and Mounting

C-type papers are better suited to mounting applications. If you’re planning to mount your print with Acrylic Reverse for example, you’ll need to use Fuji Crystal Archive Matt or Gloss. 

Tonal Resolution

C-type printing is a continuous tone process where colours are rendered at the molecular level during the chemical process (as opposed to Giclée where ink is applied in dots by the inkjet nozzles). This means C-types are capable of reproducing a much more refined tonal range (up to 16 million colours per square inch, compared to Giclée’s 256 colours per square inch). 


How are the prints delivered?

We have production in the UK & Germany. This means print orders being shipped to customers in the UK or EU will not face additional import charges. We automatically route orders to our studios based on shipping destination.

How long is delivery time?

In the UK: Prints are typically despatched within 48hrs with Royal Mail and have a 2-3 Business Day delivery time.

In the EU: Prints are typically despatched within 48hrs with DHL and have a 2-5 Business Day delivery time (it could be longer depending on your location within the EU).

In North America: Prints are typically despatched within 48hrs with DHL and have a 4-7 Business Day delivery time (or longer, depending on customs requirements).

How are the prints packaged?

Prints are first carefully covered with tissue paper, and then bubble wrap to protect any any folds or scratches in transport. 

They're then rolled and packaged into robust cardboard tubes, secured and sealed at both ends.


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