Bob Ross - Meadow Lake (Season 02, Episode 01)

Bob kicks off the series with innumerable glances to a phantom script that resides off-camera, interspersed with an eerie blinking condition (no doubt caused by the incredible glare emanating from the golden mayan medallion draped over his chest).

Meanwhile, names of various pigments flash across the screen like character titles in a Tarantino flick. The episode hits a high point early on, with Bob explaining how to quickly destroy friendships and property through improper brush cleansing techniques. 

After a lengthy period in which Bob paints everything ‘almighty’ (including, but not limited to; sky, clouds, mountains, snow, grass, trees, more trees and water), he takes a break to remind us all that people who don’t think they can paint are idiots, and all you need is the proper technique and a dream in your heart. He then compares this to driving, unaware that dreaming at the wheel could have dire consequences.

Before the ‘Star Wars’ credits graphic rolls, Bob attempts to build anticipation for the upcoming weeks but instead appears to be rubbing salt in the wound of a particularly boring episode.

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