Bob Ross - Shades of Grey (Season 2, Episode 4)

Bob starts off this week’s episode recounting the tale of a colourblind man who made a pilgrimage to one of Bob’s mall-located painting seminars. As though he was visiting a western suburban Jesus, the man laments to Bob that it is impossible to paint with a colourless affliction. “No my son,” Bob corrects, “Anyone can paint.” And lo, Bob saw the opportunity to do a black and white painting, and he saw that it was good.

After an almighty mountain has been dropped into this new monochromatic world, Bob once again provides evidence that he is a deity by uttering the phrase, “Mountains are so simple, they’re hard.” Bob is seemingly able to understand this logical paradox, while the rest of us mortals are driven mad attempting to grasp the concept.

Minutes later, a new talent surfaces, as Bob recites some inspirational poetry designed to lift us up from the mental breakdown of the prior two minutes:

“… And you can do it. There is no big secret to it. All you need is a dream in your heart. And an almighty knife.”

Without context, it might appear as though Bob is endorsing violent crimes. Do not be fooled. The only violence Bob endorses is stabbing negativity and slashing the throat of cynicism.

Overall: 5/5, as this is one of the more beautiful paintings of the series.

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