Bob Ross - Ebony Sea (Season 2, Episode 3)

Bob’s painting witchcraft is apparent from the absolute beginning, as he brags to us that he’s covered his canvas in ‘transparent colour’, a material impossibility if I ever heard one. This transparent layer contains both red and blue within it, which is clearly intended to be interpreted as a call to the end of gang violence between the Crips and the Bloods. Bob is quite obviously saying, “Colour is invisible, people. Let’s stop the violence.”

Later on in this humanitarian special, Bob exhibits a classic overshare, tarnishing his 'bad boy’ image just a bit. After indulging in his favourite activity (the repeated smacking of a large brush over a metal bar), he equates it to his home life.

“That is fun.” he says, continuing unnecessarily onto: “That’s better than arguing with your spouse.” This utterance is immediately followed by a sigh and a loaded ’…Okay.’

Contained within the short okay, we can easily deduce this week’s lesson: If your wife is being a jerk, set up an easel in the garage and smack it with brushes. And if you want to paint while you’re in there; go for it. All you need is a dream in your heart. I don’t know what the conversion rate is for 'Dreams’ to USD, but you’ll need at least 10 dreams worth of professional paints and equipment, too.

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