Alone Apart

(2014 - 2020)

Medium: Portra 400 (35mm & 120mm), Kodak Tri-X 400 (35mm & 120mm)

"Alone Apart" is a series of photographs taken in a variety of locations that focuses on solitary figures who are lost within their grand  surroundings.

This work explores the concept of the everyday distance we impose upon ourselves while we navigate a world that must be shared. It can be a jarring experience to be seen when you would rather not be - either as an observer, or as the observed. In many cases, we choose to create space between us and others deliberately in an effort to make ourselves as unknowable as possible, and build the world around us as large as possible to further the effort. 

By inhabiting these spaces alongside the subjects, this work seeks to make the viewer feel uncomfortable about their role in interrupting the moment and breaking the illusion that we are ever truly alone and unobserved. 

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